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Kronotex Metal 4v Tile Effect

Room Suitability

Not suitable for wet areas ie, bathrooms, saunas.

Pack Size


Board Dimensions

1302 x 326 x 8mm


Im excited to introduce Metal to the kronotex mega range of laminate tile effect, I can honestly say ive been waiting quite a while for this one to come in, Kronotex metal is going to jump straight to the top of the tree, We have had floors like this before and i emphasis on Like as even tho we have had some good alternatives Kronotex mega Metal is the king of the range, The variation in the pattern, the contrast differences when there are changes in light, each different angle gives Kronotex Metal a different take on this floor and thats what sets Kronotex mega Metal apart from the rest, it allows itself to be different, and we hope when you buy this floor you will see this too, its a dark floor but it allows for some lighter tones to make this floor pop, Kronotex mega is brand new in and it is already flying off the shelfs.
I would highly recommend popping over to the sale flooring direct room planner and see kronotex mega metal down before you buy.


WAS €14.55 yd2 + VAT
Now Only
€9.09 yd2 + VAT
€10.87m2 + VAT

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