Save 51% Solid Acacia Hardwood Flooring 18mmx73mm
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Solid Acacia Hardwood Flooring 18mmx73mm

Room Suitability

Not suitable for wet areas ie bathrooms saunas.

Pack Size

2.9025 Sqm

Board Dimensions

18mm x 73mm x Random Length


Solid acacia hardwood flooring is a highly specified unique hardwood with an abundance of character from end to end. Its random and natural appearance of knots and colour variation are key to creating an authentic solid wood feeling showing the class of this beautiful solid hardwood flooring.
We loved this floor so much that we have this stunning floor in 2 widths, the short narrow plank is most suited to smaller areas Specifically kitchens, long hallways and small bedrooms, the standard plank is more suited to larger area and smaller areas, you won't believe the variation in colour until you see this floor for yourself and if you want something unique don't pass this floor by, one of the densest floors we have this floor will last for years.
Solid hardwood acacia has a charm that draws you in from the rest and makes you want it, such is the demand for this floor we do our upmost to always have this available for the huge following this floor has.

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