Save 61% Kronotex Exquisit Plus 8mm Avenue
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Kronotex Exquisit Plus 8mm Avenue

Room Suitability

Suitable for kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, hall, etc. Not suitable for wet areas

Pack Size

2.694 sq. metres 8 Boards per pack.

Board Dimensions

8mm x 244mm x 1380mm



Avenue from the kronotex exquisit range is really a floor that captivates the eye, the total opposite of a standard floor this one has ample variation, Kronotex exquisit avenue is a parquet / herringbone style laminate and looks spectacular when down. A multitude of colours and subtle tones really gives this floor the wow factor, Although this floor isnt a specific pattern u can fit this to flow and match if done correctly, Kronotex avenue has been a hit from day one and another one i had to step away from when the decisions were being made and im over the moon that we have brought in kronotex exquisit avenue. If the floor hasnt caught your eye yet look a little close, kronotex avenue comes in a wider board so the wide planks allow the illusion of a real herringbone floor.. I can tell you this is the floor you want and just how amazing it is however i want you to decide on your own, go to the top of the page and click on the room planner, you will thank me later.


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